Work with professionals who think that strategic sustainability in logistics is the only path ahead, not just a possibility.

Your clients anticipate that you would do business ethically, keeping the welfare of the world and its inhabitants in mind, whether you are transporting pharmaceuticals, high-tech products, automobile components, or anything in between.

Because of this, businesses from different sectors and locations opt for JASSPER's supply chain logistics solutions.

Through corporate sustainability programmes addressing environmental, social, and governance aspects, JASSPER serves as an example of values-based service and sustainability in logistics, assisting in the improvement of both living and working environments.

Our Vision

Explore JASSPER's corporate social responsibility initiatives Our worldwide sustainability initiatives were created in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals set forth by the UN:

  • Make sure people live healthy lives and encourage wellbeing at all ages.
  • Succeed in gender equality and give all women and girls more authority.
  • Make inexpensive, dependable, sustainable, and contemporary energy more widely available.
  • Promote full and productive employment in order to achieve long-term, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth.
  • Lower disparities within and between nations
  • Encourage sustainable production and consumption
  • Combating the effects of climate change
  • Encourage just and peaceful institutions


Protecting our planet

At JASSPER, we foster sustainability in logistics and corporate social responsibility by collaborating closely with our clients to develop supply chain solutions that have minimal negative environmental effects.

A company-wide commitment to recycling and paper reduction is one of the processes and initiatives that committed teammates internally monitor for the management of emissions, waste, and energy.

Shrinking our clients' carbon footprints—and our own Through 2035, we want to have net-zero carbon emissions, which we'll do by adopting emission-reduction strategies and buying carbon offsets.

We use our transportation management system to track and measure carbon dioxide emissions down to the shipment level in addition to aiming to reduce our worldwide corporate carbon emissions. Additionally, we participate in carbon offset programmes to lessen the carbon footprint of shipments.

Monitoring climate disruption

We continuously monitor supply chain disruption brought on by extreme weather events linked to climate change in order to provide truly sustainable logistics solutions. We also run risk analyses and create disaster recovery plans to make sure JASSPER's offices and warehouses are prepared to serve our clients no matter what Mother Nature has in store.


Our people and culture

At JASSPER, we fight to improve workplace diversity and open up more opportunities for everyone in the neighbourhoods where we live and work. We use the following corporate sustainability efforts to bring this goal to life:

Opportunities for ongoing leadership development

Partnerships with schools in underserved areas; Diversity and Inclusion training for team members; A commitment to equitable pay; A multi-layered recognition programme; Various formal and informal opportunities for teammate feedback; Combating Human Trafficking and Child Labor Through Training and Supplier Review


The JASSPER Cares initiative has raised the bar for sustainability in logistics since 2012 and has helped collect hundreds of thousands of dollars for deserving causes in our communities. As a benefit of the programme, JASSPER teammates get five paid hours off per year to volunteer how they see fit. This results in thousands of teammate volunteer hours each year.


High quality business continuity

The efforts made by JASSPER to ensure quality and plan for company continuity cover a variety of topics, including business ethics, employee health and safety, and human rights. Every area of our organisation, including our critical event risk management analyses, data privacy and cybersecurity strategies, supplier codes of conduct, and corporate sustainability programmes, is governed by stringent governance.

Make it clear to your customers that you take corporate social responsibility and sustainability in logistics seriously.

Contact JASSPER for flexible, cost-effective supply chain solutions supported by strategic programmes for the environment, society, and governance. When you work with us as a partner, our corporate sustainability activities become your credentials for sustainability in logistics.