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With a global network, we can provide inspection, repair and maintenance services to any vessel, anywhere in the world.

Our  inspection, repair and maintenance solutions provide added value for your organisation. In addition to quick turnaround time and global quality assurance, you’ll have a full picture of vessel maintenance interventions carried out across the organisation.

Inspection Services

Jassper is a global maritime service provider specialising in ship and class record inspections. We are held in the highest regard by ship owners, brokers, and managers all around the world.

If you’re retaining your certification for minimum cost by completing in house annual inspections, it could impact your ability to compete for profitable business. Jassper can supply expert, detailed reports that help you plan for ongoing maintenance, while helping reduce its cost.

Using high tech tools and a web-based delivery system, Jassper covers 10 key areas:

  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Condition inspections
  • Pre and post finance inspections
  • Pre-vetting inspections
  • Scrap voyage assessment inspections
  • Casualty and damage investigations
  • P&I inspections
  • Flag state inspection
  • Class record inspections
  • Off hire and on hire surveys

Each report contains exhaustive information, including images and video, all available to view through a secure online login whenever and wherever you are. With an accurate summation of the condition of your vessel, you’ll be able to benchmark your entire fleet and reduce maintenance costs.