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We perform independent, accurate testing, sampling, or calibration with precise results.

Our detailed reports will help you understand, optimize and protect your entire fleet, saving time on maintenance and money on lube oil, while avoiding expensive problems later on.

Condition Monitoring Solutions Include:

  • Oil Analysis
  • Fuel Analysis
  • Vibration, Thermal & Engine Power Balance
  • Ballast Water Analysis
  • Scrubber Water Analysis

Already relied on by two of the largest container owners in the world for regular oil condition monitoring, we can identify mechanical problems before they have a chance to impact the efficient running of your engine or equipment.

Independent and unbiased, our oil condition monitoring reports will give you the detailed analysis you need for a healthier fleet. By using independent analysis you can gain a full understanding across all your vessels to make an informed decision, and help you optimise oil usage and expenditure across your fleet.